NSG 5500 Automotive Transient Immunity Tests

  • Clean, compliant pulses on the single output
  • Built-in 100 A coupler/battery switch
  • All common international and vehicle manufacturer standard transients achieved in one compact solution


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The compact and modular NSG 5500 solution offers the generators necessary for tests with capacitive discharge pulsed interference as called for by ISO, SAE, DIN and JASO, and others. The established test specifications for passenger cars together with the new standards for commercial vehicles published by these international and other bodies are fully covered, as are the most company-specific standards from vehicle manufacturers. Based on our exclusive Gemini technology, Teseq offers the most flexible and upgradeable system to protect the users’ investment.

NSG 5500 system. This compact mainframe houses the common system components and accommodates the standard pulse generators. All testing is available from one output connector. An electronic switch to connect and disconnect the battery supply is in-corporated in the NSG 5500. Additional inputs and outputs are located on the rear panel for test execution control purposes and the monitoring of error signals, oscilloscope triggers, gate start/stop commands, etc. Overall control is via a PC running AutoStar™ under Windows.

Parameter Value
Instrument power supply 100 – 120 VAC ±10%, 47 – 63 Hz
220 – 240 VAC ±10%, 47 – 63 Hz
Dimensions 19” desktop housing (rack mountable), height 330 mm (13”), depth 510 mm (20”)
EUT supply Integrated 100A CDN
From an external source, e.g. battery or PA 5840 power amplifier/battery simulator
Computer interface IEEE 488 (recommended) or USB
Input DC voltage range 60 V
DC current 100 A (250 A for 200 ms)