CDN 3063 Automated three phase Coupling/Decoupling Networks Series

  • Three phase models with broad current range up to 100 A
  • Fully automated surge and/or burst coupling
  • IEC and ANSI coupling methods
  • High accuracy switching technology


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The new, modular CDN 3063 continue Teseq’s philosophy of designing easily upgradeable test instruments that maximize the user’s initial investment. Users can select a CDN from this series that fulfils their basic testing needs with the assurance that they can upgrade it to a model to fit different generator compatibility as their testing requirements change. The CDN 3063 is designed for maximum reliability in a wide range of test setups. Over temperature protection, which allows short term operation at currents exceeding the nominal rating, prevents damage to internal components.

Parameter Value
Instrument supply 85 to 265 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Standard-conform pulse Electric fast transient EFT (Burst)
Combination wave
Ring wave
Connections HV-surge pulse input from generator (Fischer connector)
EFT input connector from generator (SHV connector)
Connector for EUT supply input (Screw terminals Phoenix)
Connector for EUT supply output (Screw terminals)
Power inlet for CDN input
System cable (25 pin connector)
Earth connection
Phase rotation indication